EVENT CANCELLATIONS - Exercise Caution !

ROADiii is NOW up to date.

Events occurring from  January through July 2021 have all been updated. Events planned for August & September 2021 will be updated as soon as the COVID dust settles.

That said, please check listings carefully and refer to ORIGINAL event websites when necessary. 

EVENT ORGANISERS, who want events listed or modified can contact us by email.

Email:  info@roadiii.com


About ROADiii 

Now get excited & start dreaming !

ROADiii makes discovering Australian festivals and events ... EASY!

Finding a music festival, a food festival, a winery, a picnic race meet or a caravan and camping show is as simple as four clicks. You start on the ROADiii HOME PAGE... you click on the desired LOCATION, the EVENT TYPE, the MONTH and then SEARCH. The end result is a surprisingly simple menu of mouth watering Australian festivals and events.

At this point in time ROADiii has some 1,500 entries. With the help of tourism authorities and event organisers, we will list and update in excess of 2,500 great Australian events.

ROADiii has a regional bias and that’s intentional. Regional events are often hidden secrets and there are undiscovered events around every corner. ROADiii simply lets you know which corner and when. We bring the thrill of discovery back to life.

The events listed in ROADiii are the ‘best’ events.They showcase Australian culture, creativity, ingenuity, resilience and spirit.

ROADiii is designed for nomads, young and old. We want to share Australia. We want to put the ‘know’ back into nomad and the ‘u’ back into tourism.

Smile and travel safely!